Mobile-First Design

Show off your brand in the best way possible with an experience like you have never seen before! Every site we build is with a mobile-first mentality. Our one mission is to enable companies around the world to gain the competitive lead with interfaces and multimedia designs specifically created for mobile, tablet, and of course desktop browsing!

Apache Web Development mobile first design

Why Apache?

It's all in the name

Our Managed WordPress Hosting is built on top of cPanel and Softaculous systems. We then used Apache Benchmark and we saw a 300% increase in the number of responses per second, and a 280% increase in response time! We’re getting a 10x speed improvement for all of our customers! So if you thought we were already fast, you’ll think we are blazing fast now!

A perfect fit for your company

We believe in what we do, as you believe in what you do. Apache's Managed Platform Hosting is a highly optimized, extremely reliable managed CMS service that comes preconfigured with the latest technologies to stand up to high traffic loads and serve as your favorite e-commerce solution that's been tailored specifically for your company.

Apache works so you can rest

From website maintenance to server security to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we do it all so you don't have to. We believe that hiring a team is too expensive and unnecessary in many scenarios. Apache can be your dedicated Web team so you can focus your time and resources in other areas of your company.

Always kept in the loop

Our servers stay up to date and are constantly being monitored by cyber security experts to prevent attacks on our side, but sometimes attackers go after you. Whenever something happens to your site, we let you know what is going on and the best course of action going forward and ways that we can prevent vulnerabilities in the future.

Photo and Video Service

A picture is worth 1,000 words and videos are even more! With our image, video and animation expertise, we are able to create and add high quality videos and images on your website in perfect clarity without affecting website load times or SEO performance penalties. No more outsourcing! Creative strategies are our bread and butter.

Best Affordable VPS Hosting

Our dedicated Web hosting and upkeep skills have yet to be beat. We service many companies so that our techniques stay sharp and we can offer the lowest possible monthly price starting at the cost of a cup of coffee in the morning - yes, we're serious.

Apache Web Development clean modern website examples

“Apache Development has taken my vision for a company and has made it into a reality. This company is not only professional and reliable, but they have saved me so much time and money that I was able to reinvest into my company. I can’t beat their prices or services anywhere!”

Leading technology and best practices to drive an incredible Web presence.